Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Art of Food

Beautifully-plated meals have certainly always been appreciated for the care and attention given to them, but does the beauty of a presentation somehow affect your palate?   According to recent research, how you present the meals you create could indeed greatly affect how flavourful those meals are perceived to be.

Researchers recently conducted a study where diners were presented the same meal in two different arrangements on two different nights.  Subjects reported that they liked the food on the plate more when it was presented in a way that was judged to be more attractive.  This relationship between the attractiveness of a meal presentation and how well it played on the taste buds was confirmed for all food items that were served except for vegetables.  Despite the resiliency that vegetables showed to a nip here and a tuck there, researchers concluded that their study could be used to increase the overall acceptance of healthy foods.

So next time you’re serving healthy fare to family or guests add a little flair to the presentation and tell us how your research went.
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